Standardized Testing — discussed in Friday Night Lights

You might think that the television show “Friday Night Lights ” was all about football and teenage angst.   But the character Tammy Taylor, who played the role of a high school counselor in the final season, was asked to be part of a Texas state-wide panel to examine the effectiveness of standardized testing.  Texas officials were concerned by what they thought were scores that were too low.

The video clip is approximately a minute and a half.  Ms. Taylor’s perspective on testing sets her apart from others on the panel.  Her last line is really a dinger — it clarifies how the lines are drawn regarding standardized testing.

We have several links to the video.  Since we are in a period of transition with eBooks and video, we offer several options for you to see the clip.  Please choose the appropriate one for you.

MPEG for Mac or PC: Friday Night Lights: Standardized Testing (slower loading)

Flash file for PC: Friday Night Lights: Standardized Testing (faster loading)

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